Why Medtronic Insulin Pump ?

Freedom that you deserve

The first pump all over the world that is provided by continuous glucose monitoring system with the ability to stop pumping insulin automatically, in case of hypoglycemia.


Insulin pump

Insulin pump is a device as small as a mobile phone. Insulin pump is connected to the body by a very thin cannula under the skin that delivers insulin. Insulin pump seems to be a pattern of pancreas. Insulin pump is a small device that delivers insulin continuously & regularly that ensures normalization of Blood Glucose Rate. Insulin pump delivers basal rate of insulin over 24 hours. Basal rate is variable & can be controlled by a tiny computer inside Insulin pump. Insulin pump delivers extra insulin for every meal at anytime with any amount by a remote control. Thus, it makes you free to eat what you want, when you want, as well as, to sleep & practise sports when you want.


Advantage of Insulin pump:

1. Insulin pump uses pure transparent rapid-acting insulin only, thus to prevent variation of blood glucose & hypoglycemia, resulted of long-acting insulin.

2. Insulin pump uses any type of insulin with any concentration of Rapid-acting insulin.

3. Insulin pump saves about 20% of insulin consumption.

4. The most effective way to treat diabetic kids, diabetic youth & all the types of diabetics who      depend on insulin.

5. The most effective way to treat dawn phenomena which happens for about 80% of diabetic      kids.

6. The most effective way to treat variability of blood glucose.

7. The most effective way to treat frequent hypoglycemia.

8. The most effective way to prevent hypoglycemia coma, especially during sleep.

9. The most effective way of treatment in cases of unawareness of hypoglycemia.

10. The most effective way to treat Gestational diabetes.

11. Insulin pump provides the highest prevention rate of diabetic complications.

12. Ability of practicing sports at anytime without hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

13. Ability of cancelling any meal as well as going on diet to lose weight without hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

14. Ability of changing or delaying meals, working time as well as time for waking & sleeping,       according to your desire without hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.


How does an Insulin Pump work?

Insulin Pump is as small as a mobile phone. Insulin pump consists of a reservoir that supplies insulin for 3 days. Insulin pump also consists of infusion set with a thin tube ends by a cannula that is fixed under the skin & you don't feel it. Infusion set has to be changed every 2 to 3 days. Insulin pump can be removed while; changing clothes, practicing sports & having a shower.


Why does Insulin pump use only Rapid-acting insulin?

Rapid-acting insulin is expected to work better through pumping a continuous small dose of insulin. Rapid-acting insulin prevents insulin gathering under skin that affects absorption and, consequently it affects blood glucose test, even if the person does the same things at the same time.


Is Insulin Pump able to control glucose level in blood?

Insulin Pump delivers insulin like pancreas. Insulin Pump is flexible as it can cover:


  • Different changes of body's basic physiological needs.

  • Different habits of food and different occasions.

Insulin Pump reduces hypoglycemia & daily variability (between high & low) of blood glucose. As well, Insulin Pump normalizes blood glucose rate.


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